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18 Aug '17

Summer 2017 Free StP Giveaway Contest

Posted by Benson Davis in connect, free, ftm, prosthetic

Summer 2017 Free StP Giveaway Contest

YAY, I finally figured out how to embed YouTube videos on this blog!

**edit, looks like the video still is cropped all weird. I am not sure why. So feel free to watch it on YouTube!

Anyhow, here is the FtM StP Prosthetic Penis Packer Three in One FREE Give Away Contest winner!

This was REALLY fun to do ... it helped grow our social network presence and a guy in need gets a free dick!

PLEASE comment on the video AND\OR the blog post below.

Remember, when you COMMENT and INTERACT on my videos and my blog posts and share, hit like, say hello and talk with me through my websites and social media accounts, it HELPS THE STORE get more Google Analytics love!

So PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE comment below on THIS blog post and say CONGRATS to the winner!

Also please say congrats to the winner on the YouTube channel!

Support FTM


Helping US helps the COMMUNITY!

05 Aug '17

Free StP Contest Update

Posted by Benson Davis in contest, free, prosthetic, stp

Free StP Contest Update

Hey guys!

Here is an update on the FREE STP contest.

*if you are ready to buy, use code Hello45 for a fat discount! www.ftmconnect.net

It kind of goes through the middle of the month.

But oh well.


Nothing I do is really ordinary or in order.

I guess that is why I am cool with making dicks for a living.


Go to www.ftm.life to enter the contest!


01 Jul '17


Posted by Benson Davis


If you copied the text, shared it to a group and got reaction.


"I entered the contest!"

I will pick a winner probably Monday night?

That is really all for this update!

I hope you all enjoyed the PRIDE MONTH sales!

We had a lot of sales and a lot of guys are gonna be happy.

22 Jun '17

06222017 FtM Connect Shipping Process and Update

Posted by Benson Davis in binder, ftm, prosthetics, shipping

06222017 FtM Connect Shipping Process and Update

Hey guys!

Enjoy the video!

I hope this helps you understand how my shipping station works and why you do not get updates on your tracking information like Wal Mart or Amazon Prime!


Sometimes videos don't play on the blog so use the link above if the video below does not work! 


Please COMMENT BELOW and say hi!


Just comment!

19 Jun '17

06192017 FtM Connect Shipping Update

Posted by Benson Davis

06192017 FtM Connect Shipping Update

Hey guys!

I know sometimes it seems that I am slow, it takes forever to ship, you are anxious to get your order etc.

Trust me, I feel the pain.

I feel the same pain - but - from the other side. Because I WANT to get you the order as fast as I possibly can. And I promise I am trying.

I know you guys trust me though. I give you daily updates on our Facebook page. I am ALWAYS around. No one should worry about anything until I DISAPPEAR or something from the group and you don't hear from me for a week or so.

THEN you should worry.


But that wont ever happen.


Here is the screen shot of the latest shipping.

Oldest order as of this blog post is 59 days!

Remember the FAQ asks for 2 months plus or minus two weeks!

That is up to 75 days!

Please COMMENT BELOW and say hello!

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