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19 Jun '17

06192017 FtM Connect Shipping Update

Posted by Benson Davis

Hey guys!

I know sometimes it seems that I am slow, it takes forever to ship, you are anxious to get your order etc.

Trust me, I feel the pain.

I feel the same pain - but - from the other side. Because I WANT to get you the order as fast as I possibly can. And I promise I am trying.

I know you guys trust me though. I give you daily updates on our Facebook page. I am ALWAYS around. No one should worry about anything until I DISAPPEAR or something from the group and you don't hear from me for a week or so.

THEN you should worry.


But that wont ever happen.


Here is the screen shot of the latest shipping.

Oldest order as of this blog post is 59 days!

Remember the FAQ asks for 2 months plus or minus two weeks!

That is up to 75 days!

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