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06 Mar '16

The 45 Caliber STP Prosthetic and Logo Contest

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FTM Connect prosthetic penis realistic synthetic stp ftm

FTM Connect .45 Caliber Stand To Pee (STP) Prosthetic Synthetic Realistic Penis

Great Customer Reviews for this natural looking and feeling prosthetic STP designed for the best stand to pee functionality on the market.

Freetom Prosthetics quality but half the cost and a FRACTION of the shipping time.


I really do not like this blog on Shopify and I wish I had my WordPress blog capability here. I am not even really sure if these blog posts get seen by the public! Can we get some folks to comment below and tell us if you can see this blog post?

I honestly do not even know if this blog has a comment section - LOL - but hey we will see I guess after I make the post. I might not even use this blog, I am a blogger nerd, elite level and I just cannot work with this.


We have our first prosthetic for sale that is 100% branded with FTM Connect and has nothing to do with any other company! Our urinary funnel is designed after the top rated urinary devices in the world. Our customers have the first few rounds of the .45 Caliber prosthetic out in the field and they say it is working great!

CLICK HERE to check out the 45 Caliber and place an order!

You may also see the customer reviews at the bottom of the page. Those reviews are specifically for the 45 Caliber prosthetic and nothing else. We have another section on the site for just overall 'FTM Connect' reviews as well.

Our shop is still growing, building our foundation and hoping that we will succeed. This is literally a one man show - I do this all in my bedroom right now, with all the equipment, the paint, the silicone, the molds, everything. Since I do not have a shop yet, but soon we will!

If you are able to help out in any way - the shop could certainly use any additional help. We have set up a 1 dollar donation page where you can donate and help keep the shop alive. We will not always ask for donations, rest assured when we do ask - they are REALLY needed and will go to a good place.

CLICK HERE to make a one dollar donation or more.

I will try to do more blog posts and keep you guys updated and give ya'll something to read about the shop. I want to set up some social media pages as well and start getting the name out about our shop.

Now that we have our first FTM Connect branded prosthetic STP penis for sale, we are ready to let the FTM community know who we are and go outside the realm of our facebook group.

If you are NOT in our Facebook group and you would like to hang out with the boys - please feel free to join. CLICK HERE and request access to the group. We have over 1150 members right now - as of this blog post - and are growing daily!

We are currently having a LOGO CONTEST - so if you are an artist and you want to enter the contest to win a 50% off coupon for your entire next order, then you must join the facebook group and then CLICK HERE to post your work on the contest thread!


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