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27 May '17

Frequent Asked Questions

Posted by Benson Davis


Updated 7.21.2017

Please read this ENTIRE Frequently Asked Questions page. It is not that long, it will not take you that long to read. This is a serious purchase, not a cheeseburger or a tank of gas. This is a big deal! So PLEASE read this page and even comment at the bottom so I know you read it and understand!


Q: How long does it take to make my order?
A: DUE TO AN INCREASE IN SALES.  I need TWO to THREE MONTHS to make your order. Usually I ship faster... but I have been doing this since December 2015 and it just takes me about that long with the supply and demand I get.

YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO WAIT UP TO THREE MONTHS TOPS! Or PLEASE do not order! Charge Backs and angry customers REALLY hurt business! So PLEASE be prepared before you buy!

Remember, this is a ONE MAN SHOW and I have three kids, two dogs and a wife! We are active in our community, participate in events but we still make time to run the shop as best we can with what we have.

Even then, sometimes things just happen in life and I may need an extension. I have never taken longer than 3 months to get a guy his prosthetic. But I live a really NOT normal lifestyle and when you have three kids and lots of family (especially during the summer months) things just get a little slower.

I highly recommend EXPRESS SHIPPING if you really cannot wait up to three months.


Q: When do I get my tracking number?
A: I print out a shipping label about a week before I am ready to ship. So, when I print out the label, you will get an email. Once you get that email, you can expect an update on your tracking number within about a week.

Please watch this short video so you know how the shipping process works and when to expect your tracking number, etc.



Q: Is packaging discreet?
A: Absolutely. I wrap it up in multiple bubble wrap packaging and make sure there is NO WAY you can tell what is inside the package.


Q: How do I contact Customer Support?
A: Please use our trouble ticket system! It will send me an email instantly and I can address your issue.

CLICK HERE for http://ftm.life/support/

  • Please allow me up to 24 hours to respond.
  • Customer Service hours are Mon to Fri 8am-4pm PST
  • Please do NOT use the trouble ticket system for "where is my order" type of questions.


Q: Do you ship international?
A: Yup! Sure do. I ship to ANYWHERE that USPS will ship to. Any country.

CLICK HERE to see the Express Shipping sales page.



Q: Why is my tracking not updating yet?
A: Sometimes I buy bulk shipping labels and print them out. Sometimes I print labels out and may not get around to shipping them for up to a couple of weeks! So please be patient and really you shouldn't worry at all until the 2 months + or - two weeks has expired.

Again, watch this video to better understand how shipping goes here.



Q: Do you offer returns, refunds or exchanges?
A: No. Sorry, this is a prosthetic penis, not a DVD. So please make SURE you understand what you are buying, make SURE you REALLY want it and you can wait 10 weeks to get it.


Also, this is not Wal-Mart. The instant your funds are deposited to the store account, we spend it on the products needed to make your order. Then we start making your order. Maybe some day when we are a bigger company we will have different rules. But for now, absolutely NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES.

Please respect that and MAKE SURE you are ready to purchase before you do.


Q: Is your company legit?
A: Yes! Established 2015.

We are a fully registered LLC with the Secretary of State, The IRS with an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and the State of Oregon! We are protected by USBank and insured by USBank. We also now have a legal team and a CPA! You can look us up, our LLC is public information!

You may also see our rising number of customer reviews at http://ftmconnect.net !


Q: How long does clearance item shipping take?
A: Clearance items usually ship within one week. Usually we have to wait until your funds deposit in to the account - then we use that money to ship with.

We are a small company (obviously!) and we do not have a large shipping budget set aside for shipping labels like big companies do.


Q: What size rod do I get?
A: It is really a matter of preference. I do have suggested lengths in the rod sales page, but it is up to you how long you want your erection to be! The rod can actually stretch the silicone and your prosthetic will grow to the length of your rod. So if you put a longer rod in there you will have a longer unit for play!

Q: I messaged Benson on Facebook and he didn't reply. Why?
A: Because my personal Facebook page is NOT our customer service tool. I am NOT required to use my personal Facebook page for customer support issues. I want you to use my trouble ticket system so I can actually LOG and work on tickets and close them properly. So people can see that I am ACTUALLY doing customer service.


Q: I emailed Benson and he did not write me back. Why?
A: Same reason as above. Please use our Trouble Ticket Support System for support. CLICK HERE for http://ftm.life/support/ I DO NOT answer emails with customer support questions.


Q: I emailed or messaged Benson on Facebook and he was a jerk to me. Why?
A: Because I am a jerk (lol) and more than likely the question you asked me could be answered here! Also, I am FAR less likely to be a jerk if you use the trouble ticket system and READ the FAQ like I ask on EVERY SINGLE sales page multiple times!


Also, I am just a blunt guy. I talk rough around the edges. That is just how I am. 

See the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld (go youtube it) and that is me.




Q: Do all prosthetics come with a pink tip?
A: No! Pink tips are easy to mess up and hard to do perfectly. So I have to charge a bit more to make up for the loss if I mess one up and have to put it on clearance. The way I do my pink tip is INSIDE the prosthetic, not painted on top where it will peel. My pink tips will NEVER peel or fade over time.

Please read the ENTIRE sales page to find out where the link to order a pink tip is! I put it on every sales page.


Q: Can I swim with my prosthetic? Will chlorine damage it?
A: Yes you can swim with it. Although we do not recommend you do, for other reasons than damaging your prosthetic. And no ... chlorine will not damage it!


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Got it!

Posted by Eli on July 22, 2017

Very helpful information up here guys!! ???

Posted by Kaizer on July 22, 2017

Read and understood!! Not that complicated if you actually take the time to read it fully!

Thanks for what you do!

Posted by Jay on July 22, 2017

Bought 2 can’t wait

Posted by E on July 22, 2017

Thanks Benson!

Posted by Elliot Amos on July 22, 2017

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