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01 Dec '16

FtM Connect LLC is 10 Months Old

Posted by Benson Davis

FtM Connect LLC is 10 Months Old!

Our store was born on February 1st 2016

Today is December 1st 2016 and my high school education tells me that is 10 months old! I am proud the store has made it through the fire so far. It was not easy. There were some extremely difficult times with haters and protesters. But as usual, good prevails over evil and the love and support from the FtM Community out weighs the bad folks.

We have over 2500 people in our facebook group.
We have over 2900 instagram followers.
We have over 3800 twitter followers.

Unlike some other companies, we did not go to fiverr.com and BUY followers.

All of our followers are EARNED through hard work and referrals from customers who are happy with our products and service. Every store in every industry, ESPECIALLY these days, will have a small set of haters or disgruntled customers. That is fine, we deal with it and we carry on.

10 months strong now!

So I will have a sale through the weekend of 10 percent off.

Since we JUST had the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I cannot afford to offer anymore.

The code for the sale is simply the number 10!

Use it at checkout for a small savings.

Think of it as free shipping!


The sale will last until Sunday Midnight PST !


Happy 10!

Posted by Sam Johnson on December 01, 2016

HAPPY 10!!!

Posted by JAYDEN on December 01, 2016

Happy 11 months!

Posted by Hamish on December 01, 2016

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