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22 May '17

FtM Prosthetic Penis Google Results

Posted by Benson Davis in binder, ftm, packer, penis, prosthetic

How to make FtM Prosthetic Penis

Where to buy Prosthetic Penis for FtM Transgender

Prosthetic Penis Store for Female to Male Stand to Pee StP

Hey guys!

I was doing some research on google.

Trying to figure out the best FtM Prosthetic Penis websites.

Just doing some product research on Prosthetic Penises from the FtM community.

The number one rank is this.


I am not even sure if that is for prosthetic penises (lol)

The 2nd slot goes to this link.


This is an actual prosthetic penis store.

Etsy is not the store, that is like an online sales shop where you can sell stuff.

So these guys do not even have a name (lol) they just sell on etsy.

And they get the dang 2nd slot on googles first page for the keyword FtM Prosthetic Penis!

Well done.

3rd slot goes to my former employer!



I have nothing to say about them.


Except legit, everyone knows they take MONTHS to ship and cost loads of money.

The 4th slot goes to...



These guys threatened to sue me months ago.

Like in December 2015.

I get threatened with lawsuits a lot.

It is kinda funny.

No one ever actually does it.

Their products cost about 550 dollars too. 


The 5th slot goes to...


I literally know nothing about this company.

Except they also charge an arm and a leg.

And you only get a penis in return.


At least they have never sued me!

The 6th slot goes to...


Then this.


And then the scammer site we all know...




I think that is enough for now.

We attacked a lot of keywords with this blog post.

If you were brought to this post from google, please comment below and let me know!

That way, I can see what blog posts are working and what are not!





This is a test below.

It may look ugly but I am testing something.

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Benson you do amazing work. Very realistic looking. You are a true craftsman.

Posted by Cameron Ryan on May 23, 2017

Cool shit

Posted by James on May 22, 2017

#STP FTM Connect. Thanks man

Posted by Angel on May 22, 2017

I am still using my prothetics I got last year!!! Such a good piece.

Posted by Ash Baker on May 22, 2017

I bought a product from this site and it completely changed my world. It helped my dysphoria a lot. Great price and good quality! I’ve gotten a few of my local friends to order as well!

Posted by Karsyn on May 22, 2017


Posted by Nathaniel on May 22, 2017

Your prosthetics are amazing and the fact that you run this whole thing yourself is cool, I give you props

Posted by Funtaisha C on May 22, 2017

Next time, I want the 6 incher.

Posted by John on May 22, 2017

Benson makes the best prosthetics easily.

Posted by John on May 22, 2017


Posted by Leonidas on May 22, 2017


Posted by JAYDEN on May 22, 2017

i LOVE my prosthetic! so much so that i bought more and have recommended to friends :) keep up the great work!!!

Posted by max bacon on May 22, 2017

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