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Est. 2015 - Low Cost High Quality Stand to Pee Packers

19 May '17

Next Batch Update 051917

Posted by Benson Davis in benson, binder, ftmconnect, packer

Hey guys!

Thank you for clicking the link and coming to the site.

It HELPS my SEO and google ranking which HELPS the shop and costs you NOTHING but a click and a couple moments of your time.

What ALSO would help is if you could COMMENT BELOW in the COMMENTS SECTION and say anything! Even just HI!

If you TYPE A WORD in the comments section for me, it also helps my SEO!

You could even hashtag #FTM or #STP or #FTMCONNECT for me in the comments section and give me some more search engine google love!

Here is the chart!

If you see your order number, that means your order is ON THE WAY.

I do not ship ONE BY ONE I do large batches so it takes a few days!

Thanks for understanding!

I am really going to try and improve my customer service for you guys!

I know I am not the most easy to deal with lol

But soon I will have staff and you wont have to deal with me and I can just create!



#FTMConnect #FTM thank you so much man. So excited!

Posted by Jasper on May 27, 2017

He’s makin the dicks we buys the dicks we loves the dicks

Posted by Triston on May 21, 2017


Posted by Rob on May 21, 2017

Super excited to see how mine will turn out love this company

Posted by Landyn on May 20, 2017


Posted by Jamie Jeremiah on May 20, 2017

Awesome opossum

Posted by Kitty stock on May 20, 2017

Apparently Ned smiley faces come up as a question mark lol… my b.

Posted by Phoenix King on May 20, 2017

#ftmconnect ?

Posted by Phoenix King on May 20, 2017

Thanks for hanging on to my order I should have enough money to pay express shipping

Posted by Damien on May 20, 2017

Good work

Posted by Estel on May 20, 2017



Posted by Al on May 20, 2017

You do great work and I am excited about the new staff.

Posted by Cameron on May 19, 2017

Can’t wai

Posted by Jay on May 19, 2017

Thank you for all your hard work.
I know many men and their partners in the LGBT community appreciate your dedication to your work.

Posted by Ryder on May 19, 2017

You’re awesome my dude. #Ftmconnect

Posted by Chase McKenrick on May 19, 2017

Bro youre the best honestly

Posted by Dylan on May 19, 2017

Yes!!! I’m sorry to write here the tickets wouldn’t allow me for some odd reason dude, any info for order #2171 ?

Posted by Savion on May 19, 2017

I tried to post the thumbs up emoji but it didn’t work lol

Posted by James on May 19, 2017


Posted by James on May 19, 2017


Posted by Toya on May 19, 2017


Posted by Reji on May 19, 2017

Nice going! Thus far I have had 2 purchases with u and both have arrived safe abd sound. Customs times can be a pain at the border but always satisfied and worth the extra weight! Thank u for being around for us guys who need u!

Posted by Reji on May 19, 2017

You the best, Benson.
#stp #ftm

Posted by Johnny Gunn on May 19, 2017

Don’t see mine yet but I’m excited! Shared the link on g+ too!

Posted by Hunter on May 19, 2017


Posted by Juanelo on May 19, 2017

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