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Est. 2015 - Low Cost High Quality Stand to Pee Packers

About us

Welcome to FTM Connect !!

**EDIT** We are now a FULL BLOWN REGISTERED LLC with the State of Oregon and the IRS!

FTM Connect started as a Facebook group and still handles most of our business there. We have over 1000 members (as of 02.19.2016) and are growing at a rapid rate. We are a group of like minded individuals who all need and use the same products. That is where the store comes in.

**We now have over 1900 members!

This is not intended to be a super flashy, fancy or glamor filled website. It is only here for one purpose, to help our customers get the products they need. We are not here to impress anyone with glitzy images and distracting advertising. Our customer service and products speak for themselves.

If you have any questions, please contact us in our Facebook group. You may also use the "Support" button on the menu bars to create a trouble ticket. Your ticket will be answered within 2-3 business days or less!

FTM Connect is a ONE MAN SHOW and everything is done out of his garage. We hope to grow and have employees some day, but for now it is just one man trying his best!




** If you are under 18 - you are NOT allowed to buy from us! Trust me, 18 is not far. You will get there soon. Then wish you were back there. lol - but for now I am sorry but you are just not allowed to buy from this site if you are under 18.

** These are NOT sexual devices. These are MEDICAL URINARY PROSTHETICS. These are NOT intended for sexual use or advertised as sexual devices. We are NOT that kind of business.

We are here to supply a product to the LGBT community that is MUCH NEEDED for folks who desire a StP (Stand To Pee) synthetic, realistic medical urinary prosthetic.

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