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Est. 2015 - Low Cost High Quality Stand to Pee Packers

FtM Packer 5.5 Inch StP - Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis

FtM Packer 5.5 Inch StP - Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis

$ 125.00


PLEASE. I say again.
Read the Frequent Asked Questions page.
BEFORE you buy today.

This is a 5.5 inch stand to pee packer ftm prosthetic penis.

It may be used for Packing, Playing and Peeing.

It has a curved up tip and some guys really like it that way. I honestly didn't think this prosthetic would sell as much as it does. But it sells quiet well!

The funnel is really nice on it. You will notice some of our products come and some go, because the funnel just does not fit on all penises the perfect way we want for optimal flow. This one has passed the piss test of time :)




Our funnel is the main reason we are still in business. The funnel system we have implemented in our prosthetics was designed specifically for flow and anti-leak. Almost EVERY other FtM Prosthetic company has HUGE caved in ballsacks and the urine gets stuck in there, leaks down your pants and ends up stinking. Which means you have to clean it a lot more.

Ours are not that way! WE LISTENED to the customers and DID WHAT THEY SUGGESTED and implemented that in to our funnel design.


You can read the many reviews by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen.

We really recommend you do read reviews from other guys who have actually used the product. That is the best place for you to help make a decision on what to buy from our site.

Here is a YouTube Video of me with the prosthetic and a harness.

Please GO TO YOUOTUBE and then come back here. Click the link below.



Now you have seen the prosthetic in a video. You have some basic information about the length and what it can be used for. You read the FAQ and you know how long it takes to ship and that you can order Express Shipping if you want your package faster.

The next step would be your color!

Here is our color scheme.


CLICK HERE to ad the Custom Color item to your cart.


Instructions are on the Custom Color sales page. Please read them so you know how to get me a photo of your skin color so I can match it to the prosthetic.

You may also order a mix of the two colors above. For example, if you think you are half way in between Dark and Toffee - go ahead and say 'Please blend Dark and Toffee' in the CHECKOUT NOTES when you are buying, making your purchase and checking out.

I will then do my best to blend the two colors you want!

I think that is all we need to discuss for now.

Again, PLEASE read the Frequent Asked Questions page.


If you need SUPPORT. Please use the link below. Yes, non-customers may use this to ask me any questions.