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Est. 2015 - Low Cost High Quality Stand to Pee Packers

FtM Packer 7.5 Inch StP - Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis

FtM Packer 7.5 Inch StP - Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis

$ 200.00





This is a 7.5 inch 3 in 1 Stand to Pee Packer

This one costs more than the others, because it is WAY better. You get what you pay for! This is our finest product. The base is great, the funnel is great, the head is great. EVERYTHING about this prosthetic is AMAZING. The other prosthetics are great too, but the base where the balls are on the other are not as perfect as this one is.


** How to Put your StP In a Harness CLICK HERE


This is a crowd favorite. It is big. Has great veins. Is NICE in the bedroom. Fits for guys that are bigger, taller or just want a missile to have in their collection! This also has a nice tip like the 6 incher, where the pink blends well and looks realistic. This also has the newer, nice outside skin and packs very well. We have had smaller guys buy this as well. A lot of feedback from the facebook group is centered around bedroom talk.

It also seems to be the BEST for flow. The biggest guys in our team room have told us that even when drunk (lol yes) that 'drunk peeing' is okay and there is no need to worry about flow control because this funnel is long enough, the shaft is long enough and there is no back leaking.

It is made of high quality, realistic silicone literally from Hollywood California. It feels very real, last an extremely long time and packs very gently.

It has an extra wide funnel for great urine flow. It has a silicone flap on the top for the D-Slang Harness to hold it in place.

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