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Custom Color Match and Pink Tip

Custom Color Match and Pink Tip

$ 50.00


Custom Color

If you do not like the base colors, you can choose this custom color option.

*Prices have been raised for custom color match due to the time it takes and effort to REALLY try and match your skin tone. We have found over the year that most guys who do not like the base 5 colors and choose the color match option are a bit more picky (there is nothing wrong with being picky either, don't get mad lol) and DEMAND the color to match or they return the product, do a charge back and the shop loses money and we can't resell the product that we send out due to health and sanitary reasons and respect for our customer base.

If you REALLY cannot find a skin tone to match of the base 5 colors that we have (which to be honest I think those cover a very, very wise spectrum of skin tones) then we have to go with this option. I will ask you to send me photos, take time out of the work day and really try to mix paint for you and get a matching tone that you want.

The reason we have only five colors and then this custom color option is - with previous sales back when we had many more colors to choose from, we got a lot of returns and mis communication about color matching etc. Some computer screens do not look the same when you are looking at a color sample and we lost a lot of money with replacements and returns. We had to do this in order to survive and stay in business, stopping any bleeding where we can financially so we can buy more silicone.

Please add this to the cart.

Also note, if you want the pink tip on the prosthetic like you see in other photos across the site, please choose the option that says with pink tip. To make sure you will get the pink tip!

The reason we have to charge a little more for the pink tip is, there is a decent chance of error when pouring pink and that often leads to mistakes and having to clearance sell an item and we lose money. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less.

You will be required to send a photo to us so we can see your skin tone.

The best skin tone match to cis male penis in our opinion is the back of your hand.

Cis male penis is basically the darkest tone of cis male body.

Similar to the back of your knuckles on your hand.

That is why we recommend the back of your hand.

Please send the photos with your corresponding order number to our support ticket system, so we have an actual log of it and it is not lost in some email server.


So please, put your ORDER NUMBER with the trouble ticket so we can color match you.