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Est. 2015 - Low Cost High Quality Stand to Pee Packers

FtM Packer 6 Inch StP - Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis

FtM Packer 6 Inch StP - Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis

$ 150.00



6 inch Stand to Pee Packer
- measured from ballsack to tip of head
- basically insertable length, then balls
- leak proof urine funnel

3 in 1 Pack Pee and Play
- can be used in the bedroom
- can be used with a pleasure rod*
- can be used in a swimming pool

*CLICK HERE to order your pleasure rod!

Long Lasting Realistic Silicone
- we use the BEST silicone on the market
- other companies silicone molds (ew!)
- will not rip or break unless misused

Leak Proof High Flow Funnel System
- best funnel system on the market
- no caved in ball sack to trap urine
- feel more confident in the bathroom


If you have any other questions about these prosthetics, we have written a good Frequently Asked Questions page. Please read the FAQ before making your purchase. So you know things like how long to wait, where to get your tracking number, what to expect with your purchase.

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If you do not like the colors you see above, you may pay a bit more and have a custom color made for you.

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Please read the entire page so you know what you are getting in to!

If you need Customer Support, please read the FAQ to find out how to contact us!


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